Round PVC Coated Wire

They are made from a size range of zinc-galvanized wire quality black iron wire, zinc-galvanized iron wire, stainless iron wire etc., firmly coated with PVC or PE in round shape at different diameter sizes. It is durable, strong, flexible, corrosion-resistant, crack-resistant, reusable, and used for insulating purpose. The most common colours used are green, black and clear PVC; other variety of colors like blue, brown, white are also available at customer requirements. There are RoHS compliance grades available.

  • General usage in gardening and flora purpose
  • Use as artificial flower stem
  • Hold the flower stem or use as a plant stem support
  • Use for coat hanger or handles
  • Sack closure or package bundling
  • Jewelry making and crafts

  • Available Package:
  • Spool package of 50m. 80m. 100m. (for small spool) and 500m. 800m. 1000m. (for large spool) or any custom length (with MOQ required)
  • Cut size of any length (with MOQ required)

  • Example of Standard Size:
  • Size#26 (0.46 mm) coated #23 (0.65 mm)
  • Size#24 (0.56 mm) coated#21 (0.80 mm)
  • Size#22 (0.71 mm) coated#19 (1.00 mm)
  • Size#20 (0.89 mm) coated#17 (1.45 mm)
  • Size#19 (1.07 mm) coated#16 (1.65 mm)
  • Size #18 (1.24 mm) coated#14 (2.10 mm)

  • Note:
  • UOM can be kg or m
  • More variety of gauge size and diameter after coated can be customized according to customer requirements
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